District Woman best farmer urged women to venture into agriculture

Madam Vida Ametefe, Central Tongu District Woman best farmer has advised fellow women to add agriculture to their various businesses to make life easier for themselves.

She said Agriculture has become a lucrative venture and when combined with other businesses can reduce the money spent at the grocery shop . The Central Tongu District Woman Best farmer in an interview said being a trader and engaging in agricultural activities has helped her a lot both financially and in keeping up her home. "I am a trader and sometimes I use the money earned from selling my livestock or farm produce to support my business, I even spend less getting food items for the house since I can get them from my farm," She said .

The 54 years old farmer said she has been farming for about 31 years though she is married with four children, she still makes quality time for her family, business and Agriculture. She agreed there are always challenges with how to transport crops from the farm and how to preserve them yet they are not reasons enough to not stop any woman from engaging in agriculture Mr Ruben Adase, Central Tongu District Director of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, also lamented the low number of women engaging in Agriculture in the district. Adding that, " no woman in the district has been registered as a rice farmer for the 37th farmers day celebration". He added that though some women have started setting the pace in the agriculture sector, much is left to be desired. "There are a handful of women in some sectors of agriculture and they must endeavor to explore all the various sectors since a lot of opportunities exist for them in the field", he said. Mr Adase said, the District has been able to secure a grant from the Government of Ghana through Modernization of Agriculture in Ghana (MAG) sponsored by the Canadian Government to supply modern gari processing equipment and machines to some farming groups in the district. He urged all farmers to form or join groups since that has become the focus for interventions in agriculture now. Adding that ÔÇťother supports and incentives will be made available to motivate and support women to engage in agriculture. Eleven farmers have were awarded at the 37th farmer's day celebration in the Central Tongu District with two of women awardees .

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