Regional Chief Director paid a working visit to Central Tongu

The Regional Chief Director and his entourage paid a working visit to the Central Tongu District as part of Monitoring, engagement and tour to the various MMDAs.

He first of all met Management to know their challenges. He stated that Head of Service wanted to come to Central Tongu District Assembly when he visited the Region. Unfortunately, something came up so he has to return. He further, encouraged the promotion of good work ethics and eschewing of work related vices. Absenteeisem and lateness to work was one of the issues he talked about since it has become an attitude to many in the Service.

The operationalization of the sub-structures and their relavance towards revenue mobiliazation was emphasized. He vehemently streesed on attitude towards work.

The chief Director said, he will appear one of these days as earlier as 8am to monitor the attitudes of staff in the district. He added that he will do that because head of Service is aware of this and he demand change towards work. The Chief Director shared his personal experience and encouraged us all to emulate since the three Tongu's are not having good name interms of attendance to work.

Mr. Awity added that they the Chief Directors have been giving the power take names of staff of the payroll and also return them when he deem fit with changes from the staff. He edged us to live an examplary lifes to leave a mark even when we leave. he advised that we visit the Local Government website to get ourselves abreast with the scheme of service and the various protocols.

Mr Augustus Awity, expressed his worries about the leakage of informations and documents to the general public without proper approval from authorities. Revenue Improvement and strategies to adopt to help achieve your target was also discussed. He concluded by saying, we should have a winning mentality and self - motivation to help drive our profession afar. He and his team praised the good work being done and requested that the lacking areas be improved upon.

The District Chief Executive expressed his worries and challenges to the visited team and further placed his request before them. He further, thanked the team for their kind visit and asked if they can make it a routine one to help shape the various district. The D.C.E added that the encouragement given has lifted his soul and as Oliver Twist he will alwasys ask for more.

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