The District Chief Executive Engaged the the People of Dekpoe/Teleafenui

Proper Usage of the Dam

The District Engineer Updated the people on the current state of the Dam and it dangers it possses to the community when not used properly.


The NADMO Director educated the people thar it immediately contributes to ensuring that there is enough water available for agriculture, industry, and human use

The villages around has water shortage or poor management of water resources. To start, many areas of the nation lack access to enough clean water for irrigation or consumption. Flash floods, on the other hand, are a common occurrence in many areas. Over streams and rivers, man-made structures like dams and reservoirs have been built as a solution to this ongoing issue.

Now that we have a fundamental idea of what a dam is, let's look at some of its applications. It is regarded as a valuable water resource. They supply water for a range of uses, such as domestic use, irrigation, and commercial applications. Dams are also used to facilitate river transportation and generate energy. The use of dams is becoming more and more prevalent in daily life. Additionally, dams encourage regional tourism, aiding in the development of the country. Dams have a variety of applications. Here are some of the most typical ones:

It may be argued that this is one of the main purposes for dams and reservoirs. In dry seasons, reservoirs' stored water helps to compensate for water shortages. Additionally, it makes sure that there is always enough water available for domestic, commercial, and agricultural use. Without a doubt, one of the main purposes of dams is to reduce flooding. Dams aid in flood control by redirecting floodwater toward other purposes, holding excess water, or carefully releasing it. In turn, it aids in preventing deaths and subsequent displacement. The function that dams serve in irrigation is one of its most important advantages. Dams have made it much easier for farmers to deal with the issue of watering crops, which has increased crop productivity.

In his closing remarks the District Chief Executive thanked the community Leaders,the Assembly Members present and the entire attendees for their co-operation in the success of the programme.

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