The District Chief Executive Engaged the People of Devime and Its Adjoining Communities

In line with The District Chief Executive's vision and promise to the people that he is bringing governance to the door steps of the people a town hall meeting was organized by the Central Tongu District Assembly. Central Tongu District Assembly conducted the Town Hall Meeting on Monday 10th October, 2022 at Mafi Devime Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

In the meeting, many dignities were present including District Chief Executive Honorable Thomas Moore Zonyrah, Traditional leaders, Head of various Departments, Assembly members Sections, Units and the general public. The Assembly Man Mr Ebenezer Akorlor Perez who happens to be the mc that day briefs the house the reason for the engagement.

Communities were present with their Assembly members, traditional leaders and some reps from the communities.
Some of the Communities present were: Mafi Atitekpo, Mafi Aklamador, Mafi Dzakpasukope, Mafi xekpo,Mafi Kelekor, Mafi Mangoase, Mafi Korfeyeyea,Mafi Sortoe-venu, Mafi Agbonyo kope, Mafi Afalekpo, Mafi Kumikpo, Mafi Dekpoe, Mafi Kpodzikope, Mafi Lukunu settlement, Mafi Keledzi Kope, Avadiwoe kome, Bakpa Homadikope, Bakpa Angbleta, Bakpa Torgorme. Mafi Bekpo, Mafi Dove, Mafi Dokpo, Akorkorlife, Aloryi, Siawoekome.

He talked about the destruction of the roads due to the activities of the sand winners and the challenges they are facing as a community. The Assemble Man for Dove also talked about the high level of insecurity in the area and, their intended demonstration due to the poor nature of their roads and the letters sent to various offices but there has not been any responds. The non-functionality of the Area council and the unit committee members not considered in the assembly’s programs. In the Town Hall Meeting, the District Chief executive Honourable Thomas Moore Zonyrah said, it’s a great honour and pressure to address fellow citizens of Central Tongu District on this special occasion. Honourable Thomas Moore Zonyrah Continue by saying, it’s an opportunity for him to shear with Ghanaians what his government lead by Nana Addo have being able to do and also to receive feedback from you to enable us better tailor our development agenda.


Honorable Thomas Moore Zonyrah said the district has remained relatively peaceful over the period; there has not been any major situation which would otherwise have jeopardizes the peace of the people in the district. He further said the police have been informed to up their game to make sure the District is safe. He added that he is ever ready to give his maximum supports.

Market issue

The Honorable said Mafi-Dove market is one of the new market the community is establishing to help them trade and also reduce the stress they have to go through before going to Adidome to access market, and as a result of its strategic location, has been approved to enable them make this a reality.

According to Honorable Zonyrah the District Chief Executive, The Sand Winning activities must be put on hold to help address the menace before their operations can proceed.


The Hon. District Chief Executive also informed the house on the importance of naming all the streets in the district as well as addressing all properties. According to him, it will be very contributory to the development of the district and the nation if someone can be able to trace your exact location whilst doing business with you rather than, moving from place to place in search of your location. In the light of the above, there is the need to go into this national assignment vigorously thus the second phase. The Physical Planning Officer said for the swift running of the programme, there is the need for total support from communities and taking care of synages erected in every community.


The DCE gave the opportunity to the Budget Analyst who gave a presentation of the IGF Performance since the inception of the Assembly. He continued with the strategies enumerated in the Revenue Improvement Action Plan and explained how the Assembly intended to raise the revenue mobilisation within the year. He urged all stakeholders to help in the sensitisation on revenue mobilisation especially in areas that revenues seem to be falling to improve upon the generation of the IGF.
He further explained and educated the public on the bye laws of the Assembly. In this regard, he stated that the Bye laws of the Assembly is a very important tool by which by the Assembly relied on to collect its revenue and fee fixing. He said further that there was the need for the public to be well vested with the bye laws so that their rights are not undermined by the collectors of the Assembly.

In his closing remarks the District Chief Executive thanked the Rep of Traditional Authorities, the Assembly Members present and the entire attendees for their co-operation in the success of the programme.

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