Town Hall Meeting At Mafi - Dove

As part of the mensures to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Central Tongu District, through effective participation of communities in the mobilization of the needed resources, provision of social services and the creation of an enabling environment for development. Central Tongu District Assembly organized a town hall meeting for the people of Mafi Dove and its adjoining communities.

This Town Hall Meeting was organized to educate the translation of policies, objectives and strategies of the Assembly Programmes and Projects. This meeting is a working tool to assist the Assembly and its Agencies, Units, Departments, Central Government and development Partners to efficiently and efficiently allocate limited resources to address the developmental challenges of the District.

The District Chief Executive welcomed the whole communities and added that this is the first of it kind, as he has brought the whole Assembly staffs to their door step. He further used the opportunity to introduced the various heads of Units, Departments and Agencies present.

The chairman who was introduced as Mr. Felix Ayi expressed his appreciation, for the fact that the Assembly chose Mafi - Dove as their first place of visit in this maiden Town Hall Meetings. He added that this meeting is essential to the communities, since the people will have the opportunity to voice out their grievances to the Assembly and also seek for further redress

The District Chief Executive explained the purpose of the gathering, that is discussing the issues affecting Mafi - Dove and its surrounding communities, and finding possible solutions as a team.

A presentation was done by the Assembly showcasing its achievements and the way forward in the District. The presentation was lead by the District planning Officer.

Questions and Open Forum was given to the people.
Soome of the questions that was asked were:
1. What assurance does the Department of Education have to achieve its 70% pass rate in BECE proposed in their presentation?
2. What is the Assembly doing about animals destroying their farms?
3. What are the plans of the Assembly in expanding the Dove health centre concerning postnatal mothers?
4. What is the Assembly doing about the bad road network in the communities?
5. What is the Assembly doing about the lack of Classroom blocks in their communities and those dilapidated once?
6. What are the critiria or qualification in selecting people for LEAP?
7. What are the Assembly role or packages for brilliant but needy students with single grades ?
8. Why there has been poor awareness creation on building permit, which is causing alot of mess in the communities?
9. What are the sole work of the environmental health officers and why their work are not been appreciated or seen of late
10. What are the Assembly plan in terms of aid to the Aklamador teachers accommodation quarters?
11. What is the Assembly doing in terms of physical development in the Dove market?

The Director of Education expressed her worries about why a lot of teenage pupil are getting pregnant in the District, distracting studies. As a mother she edged the parents to help curb this situation since its affecting the future of the children.

The Director of Health used the opportunity to appeal to the people present to support Dove Health Centre staff with the continuity of work. He further encouraged all present to take part in the ongoing covid - 19 vaccination exercise.

The chairman in his closing remarks thanked all the participants for their participation and making the program a success. Mr. Felix Ayi emphasized on the issues raised and pleaded that they should be addressed by the appropriate Agencies for development. He encouraged all the absentees to be present in the next meeting. The chairman edged that we all fulfill our taxes levied us for better development in the District.

Hon. Thomas Moore Zonyrah in his closing remarks lamented on open defecation in the communities and pleaded that they should be put to stop immediately. He thanked all for coming and also honouring his invitation to help development the District together.

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