Staff Performnace Assesment & Durbar

The District Chief Executive together with Management organized a staff Performnace durbar to address the short falls in the 2022 Performnace contract and the preparations towards subsequemt ones. He charged all the heads of the various Units, Department and Agencies to address the remarks that came from the Assesment team.

He further edged all staffs to makes use of the resources available in their day - to - day activities at the office. Professional usage he stressed on so that it wouldn't go againest the Assembly. The District Chief Executive stressed and edged the Budget Unit as well as the Finance Department to address the payment issues around the low cost bungalows.

Revenue mobilization, the challenges and the way forward was also discussed. The staffs we charged to trumpet and educate the general public on the need and essence of paying their bills, tools and Revenue to the Assembly. Sanitation which is also an issue for some communities were discussed and all were admonished to spread the campaign of good hygiene to achieve the goal of the Assembly.

The house were also educated on the proper way of assessing the clients service and the way to go aboout things when seeking information from the Assembly. The successes chopped by the unit and their challengs were addressed.

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