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The Central Tongu District Assembly derives its legal basis from the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana, Local Governance Act 2017, Act 940 and Legislative instrument (L.I) 2077 of 2012.


There are Forty (40) Electoral Areas

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The assessment can be done by contacting the Rating officer at the district offices

How can I pay my property rates/BOP fees?

Payment of property rates/BOP fees can be done at the district finance office

Which factors are taken into account during valuation?

There are various factors which influence the value of a property and these can broadly be broken down into location, size of property, extent and type of buildings, quality and condition.

Why are rates charged?

Rates are paid by all property owners / occupiers, even the State.

How are rates calculated?

Property rates are calculated based on the market value of the property by multiplying it by a percentage which is determined from the Annual Budget (Fee fixing resolution)


Yearly but can be paid in instalment. You can make payment at the district finance offices, to Central Tongu District Assembly revenue collectors. Note: Demand an official receipt for any payment made

How will I know when there is an adjustment in my property rate?

notice will be sent to each registered property owner informing him/her of the value which has been assessed in respect of his/her property. The valuation roll will be open for public inspection at the offices of the Assembly office.

What happens when you are in default of payments of property rate/tax

The properties are liable to be sold at Tax Sale.

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