Our Forest Our Health

Let continue afforestation

Another year comes as we plant more trees to help reduce Global Warming and as well keep the environment green. Central Tongu District Assembly was not left out in this great exercise, on the theme "OUR FOREST OUR HEALTH".


Mother earth is the centre of the universe, mother earth harbours the forest. The origin of our identity as a people, and it connects us with our past (as home of the ancestors, as a provider of materials needs. The forest regulates and stabilizes climate conditions, improves the quality of air, as well as their psychological effects on human behaviors and mental health. It also provides raw materials for our daily needs such as timber, firewood, food, medicine, fodder and money (income).

Among the many benefits of our forest, this year, the forestry commission is focused on the health benefit of rich forest cover hence the theme, “our forest, our Health”.

We therefore encourage everyone to plant at least a tree and nurture it so that we can all together make Ghana a safe place to live.

Is good to note that our very existence as human beings depends on the forest. When the last tree dies the last man dies.

The District Chief Executive, together with Chiefs, Heads of Department, Units sections, Assembly Members, Head Teachers and Reps From the Forestry Department led the exercise to plant trees in the district.

The District Chief Executive in his address expressed his gratitude towards the zeal and willinhness to part take in the exercis.

He further charged all to take good care of the plants and ensures that they grow to serve it purpose.

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