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The Central Tongu District Health Directorate has the primary mandate to ensure a healthy population by providing quality healthcare services to all persons living in the district. This is a priority achieved through a seamless access to health service from community level to the district level. The District Health Directorate coordinates and oversees operations of one District Hospital, one private maternity home, five health centers, and 16 CHPS zones. For effective and efficient health service delivery, the service is sub-divided into five (5) sub-districts. Namely Adidome, Mafi-Kumase, Mafi-Sasekpe, Kpoviadzi-Avedo and Afego. The health service is managed at the district level with the various units such as administration, accounts, health information, disease control, family health, health promotion, nutrition, mental health and CHPS. There is also the health insurance claims processing unit where claims are accumulated for onward submission. The central tongu district health directorate is well resourced with office equipment of which most of them are in good condition. The directorate has five picks-ups out of which one is at the mechanic shop. The District Health Directorate organise routine and emergency meetings when necessary.

There is one District Hospital thus the Adidome Hospital, five (5) Health Centres namely; Mafi-Kumase H/C, Sasekpe H/C, Kpoviadzi H/C, Dove H/C and New Bakpa H/C. One (1) private maternity home; Biodun Maternity and fifteen (15) CHPS zones namely; Agoe CHPS, Gidikpoe CHPS, Seva CHPS, Adalekpoe CHPS, New Bakpa CHPS, Avedo CHPS, Tove CHPS, Kpogadzi CHPS, Adidome Zongo CHPS, Dekpoe CHPS, Mafi-Zongo CHPS, Anfoe CHPS, Mawoekpor CHPS, Adakpo CHPS, Old Bakpa CHPS, FIEKPE CHPS Awadiokome CHPS : Two (2) school clinics namely; ADISEC Clinic and MAKSEC Clinic.


FACILITY 2018 2019 2020 2021
Government Hospital 1 1 1 1
Health Centres 4 4 5 5
CHPS Compounds 15 15 14 16
Private 1 1 1 1
School Clinic 0 0 2 2

Health Service Organisation and Infrastructure

For the purpose of effective health service delivery, the District is sub-divided into 5 Sub-District as mentioned above. The health service in the District is organized as a 3 level service delivery structure. The first level service is delivered by the Community Health Officers at functional and demarcated Community-Based Health Planning Service (CHPS) zones, the second level by health centres, whilst the third level by hospital; services. The district hospital serves as a referral point for all health centers and CHPS Zones. The District Health Directorate oversees the entire health delivery services in the district. The District is fairly well served in terms of number of health facilities. It is served by 25 health facilities made up of one government district hospital, five health centers, sixteen CHPS compounds, one private maternity home called Biodun Maternity Home & Eye Clinic accredited by National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA).

  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • iv. Detailed address of place of delivery (hospital, clinic, maternity home, house, other specify


    The unit is made of Administration. The unit is responsible for the day to day running of administrative, human resource and transport activities in the district.

    District Stores

    Currently the District stores is headed by Ms. Gifty Klu a casual staff under the supervision of Mr. Delali Agbesi.

    Health Information Unit

    This unit is responsible for Data Management, monitoring and evaluation in the district.

    Disease Control Unit

    The unit is responsible for the prevention and control of communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases, Surveillance and EPI activities.

    Family Health Unit

    The unit is responsible for all Reproductive and Child Health activities within the district. The District acting Public Health Nurse also doubles as the HIV/AIDS focal person and plays a major role in the pregnancy school activities. To enhance Focus Antennal Care and for that matter improve Maternal and Child Health in the district, fully operationalised maternity units have been established in six (6) CHPS Compound.

    the facilities are

  • Mafi-Zongo CHPS
  • Mafi-Agoe CHPS
  • Kpogadzi CHPS
  • Anfoe CHPS
  • Seva CHPS
  • Avedo CHPS
  • Midwives carry outreach and domiciliary services to communities/zones without midwives.

    Health Promotion Unit

    This unit is responsible for all health promotion activities within the district. The unit also major role in Adolescent and Sexual Reproductive Health Issues.

    Nutrition Unit

    The unit coordinates all nutritional activities within the district such as Hospital Baby Initiative friendly, Growth monitoring, Girl Iron Folic Supplementation (GIFTS), Prevention of Anaemia in pregnancy, Iodated Salt Survey and others.

    Account Unit

    The unit is responsible for all financial administration in the District.

    National Health Insurance Scheme Claim Processing Unit

    The unit is responsible for collation and processing claims from health facilities for onward submission to the District Health Insurance Scheme. Fiekpe CHPS

    Mental Health Unit

    The unit is responsible for all mental health activities in the district. She also doubles as the CHPS coordinator responsible for all CHPS related activities in the district.