Exercise political and administrative authority in the district, provide guidance, give direction to, and supervise the administrative authorities in the district.


Responsible for the overall development of the district and shall ensure the preparation of development plans and annual budgets of the district related to its development plans.


Responsible, in cooperation with the appropriate national and local security agencies, for the maintenance of peace, security and public safety in the district.

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Who we are.

Central Tongu District Assembly (CTDA) is established by Legislative instrument (L.I) 2077 of 2012. Originally, Central Tongu District was called North Tongu District but when the Former North Tongu District was split in 2012 by Legislative Instrument (L.I.) 2077.

The former North Tongu District before its creation used to be part of the Sogakope District now South Tongu District Assembly.

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Central Tongu in Focus

Location & Size

Central Tongu District lies within latitudes 60N to 6020’N longitude 0025’ E to 0045’E. It shares boundaries with Adaklu District to the North, South Tongu to the South, North Tongu to the West and Akatsi South to the East; all in the Volta Region. Ada West and Ada East Districts of the Greater Accra Region also share the South-Western boundaries with the District as depicted in figure 1 below. It has a total land area of about 682.22 Km2 which is about 3.1% of the total land area of the Volta Region. there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean.

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Agriculture is the leading employment sector in the District engaging 78.3 percent of the total households in the district (PHC, 2010). The sector is dominated by small scale unorganized farmers who depend mainly on natural rainfall and simple labour-intensive production techniques

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The District has 71 Kindergartens, 71 primary schools and 50 Junior High Schools servings as feeding units for two Senior High Schools at Adidome and Mafi-Kumase. The total enrolments at the various stages stand at the following: Pre-school level 4,341, Primary level 10,480 and JHS level 3,655 (DPCU, 2018). Likewise, there are 114; 382; and 247 teachers at the kindergarten, primary and JHS levels respectively. These figures include untrained teachers whose figures are 36, 59 and 25 for various levels respectively

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There is one district hospital located at Mafi–Adidome, the district capital, four (4) health centers, thirteen (13) CHPS Compound with two (2) private clinics i.e. Biodun Maternity and Seva Clinic as indicated in the table below

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Most of the communities in the District are connected to the national grid. Extension of power to towns and villages through rural electrification is ongoing. The total electricity coverage in the district as of now is about 78%.

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The main religious groupings that exit in the district are the Christians, Moslems and Traditional believers. More than three-quarters of the population belong to one of the various Christian religious bodies while the other religious groupings in the district have a population less than a quarter of the total population.

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Recent News

11April 2024

Monitoring Exercise by World Food Program

Officers from World food program paid a working visit to monitor the activities of beneficiaries of productive inclusion at Awadiwoekome and Alorsokope.

10April 2024

Stakeholders Sensitization and engagement on TVET

The national TVET coordinator and her Directors paid a working visit to the Assembly and the Chiefs of Central Tongu District Assembly on the need to have a TVET compus in the District.

09April 2024

Stakeholders Sensitization on PFJ 2.0

Introduction, stakeholders Sensitization on the second phase of the planting for food and jobs was help at the District Assembly Hall and farmers within the District had the full idea about the upcoming project.

06March 2024

67th Independece Day Celebration

Central Tongu District Assembly together with the Education Directorate and other stakeholders observed the 67th Independece Day anniversary of Ghana.

10February 2024

Housing Project for Flood Victims

The chiefs and Opinion leaders in the District, together with the Assembly had a Skateholders Engagement on housing projects for affected flood victims in the District.

25January 2024

School Monitoring Exercise

The District Director Of Education and management staff of the Education Directorate monitoring schools in the District. Mafi Aflavenu, Mafi Fiekpe in your shots addressing PTA

15December 2023

Child Protection Program

As part of the measures to educate people on child protection, the Social Welfare and Community Development took the mandate to educate the citizens, on child trafficing, rape, child labour, teenage pregnacy, forceful marraiges etc.

01December 2023

39th Edition of National Farmers' Day Celebration

As part of the measures to reward the hard working farmers of the District, the Assembly awareded and celebrated the 39th Farmers' Day on the theme; "Delivering Smart Solutions for Sustainable Food Security and Resilience"

16November 2023

Farmers Education on Digital Financial Literacy

The Agric Department educated farmers on the need on digital Financial literacy and the risk associated to them. Communities such as Mafi Tsakpo and Anfoe benefited from this exercise.

02November 2023


Transparency, Accountability and Client Focus are some of the mandate of the District Assembly to its citizens. The District Chief Executive together with Managemnt Held a Stakeholders engagement meeting with the affected flood victims

30October 2023

Clean up Exercises and community Labour across the District

In preperation towards the festive session and beautifying the District, the Environmental Health Unit together with most Assembly Members embarked on clean up and community labour exercises in the District.

07October 2023

Training Workshop for Teachers on ICT

ICT which is the backbone of most countries and communities, teachers of Central Tongu Assembly were taken through the importance of ICT and the relevance to embrace it for development.

18September 2023

Akosombo Dam Spillage

Akosombo Dam Spillage Issues. The cause of flooding to people along the lower Volta!

07September 2023

Staff Durbar on the preparation towards DPAT VII

As part of the measures to improve on the Development of the District the annual DPAT assessement preparedness was done to put the staffs to readiness.

23August 2023

Training program for Productive inclusive beneficiaries

Social Welfare and Community Development Department Organized a training program on productive inclusive for beneficiaries on gari quality processing and palm oil procressing .

14August 2023

Ghana Revenue Authority(GRA) Training On Property Rate

As part of the measures to improve on the Revenue Mobiliazation of the Assembly, the Government in collaboration of Ghana Revenue Authority(GRA) recruited filed officers to help collect Property Rate.

09August 2023

Stakeholders Engagement On Local Plan

As part of the mensures to improve the layout settlement of inhabitants of Central Tongu District, through effective participation of communities with the needed resources, provision of social services and the creation of an enabling environment for development.

27July 2023

Town Hall Meeting At Mafi - Dove

As part of the mensures to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Central Tongu District, through effective participation of communities in the mobilization of the nneeded resources, provision of social services and the creation of an enabling environment for development.

18July 2023

Regional Chief Director paid a working visit to Central Tongu

The Regional Chief Director and his entourage paid a working visit to the Central Tongu District as part of Monitoring, engagement and tour to the various MMDAs.

10July 2023

Communual Labour in some selected communities in the District

The Environment Health Unit held communual labour in some selected communities to improve the Sanitation situation and enhance hygiene in such communities.

23June 2023


The Theme for the year is “30 Years of Consolidating Constitutional Democracy: Building National Cohesion through Civic Education and Participation in Local Governance.”

09June 2023

Let Continue Afforestation

Another year comes as we plant more trees to help reduce Global Warming and as well keep the environment green. Central Tongu District Assembly was not left out in this great exercise, on the theme "OUR FOREST OUR HEALTH".

07June 2023

Stakeholders engagement between the DCE, Bluesea Island Co. LTD & Bakpa Kebenu

The misunderstanding that took place at Bakpa Kebenu between its citizens and the Bluesea Island Company Limited came to the attention of the District Chief Executive and he invited them for a meeting.

24May 2023

Staff Performnace Assesment & Durbar

The District Chief Executive together with Management organized a staff Performnace durbar to address the short falls in the 2022 Performnace contract and the preparations towards subsequemt ones. He charged all the heads of the various Units, Department and Agencies to address the remarks that came from the Assesment team.

09May 2023

Sensitization During Medical Screening

The District Environmental Health Unit and the Team for the Health Screening undertook a District wide Sensitization program to inform and educate the citizenry on the essence of checking their health regularly.

28APRIL 2023

Master Plan for Forty (40) District Along the Volta River

SMEC International viisted the District together with a team from VRA to validate the database they are compiling for forty (40) District along the Volta River. The purpose of their visit is to draw a master plan for thses District on their Economic Growth and Sustainability.

13MARCH 2023

Post Training Impact Assessement carried out by the Human Resource Department

This training programme was to ensure that participants gained and acquired more knowledge and requisite skills needed to improve upon their performance on the job and to adequately prepare them for their promotion interviews

13February 2023

D.C.E Meeting with the Communities affected by the Five District Water project

The District Chief Executive met the various Communities and skateholders that are been affected by the Five District Water Project. In attendace for the meeting were; officers from Community Water and Sanitation Agency, Assembly members, Chiefs, Opinion leaders, police and many more.

30JANUARY 2023

Visit of the District Assembly Common Fund Monitoring Team

The District Assembly Common Fund Team lead by the Director Mr Ransford Ayensu paid a Monitoring visit to the Assembly.

15December 2022



02December 2022


The District Chief Executive said I am very delighted to be in the midst of our hardworking Farmers this morning as we celebrate the National Farmers’ Day today Friday 2nd December 2022 at Mafi Wute in the Central Tongu District.

10November 2022


Discussion on the operations of the transport union groups at the adidome to sogakope junction

15October 2022

Central Tongu Engaged the People Of Devime

Sand winning activities and its destractions at Devime and its adjoining communities.

13October 2022

2023 Fee Fixing Resolution Meeting

Following the review of the 2022 Fee Fixing Resolution of the Central Tongu District Assembly in pursuant to sections 137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 163 of the Local Governance Act, Act 936 of 2016.


The District Chief Executive Visit to Gari Producers

The District Chief Executive visited the group with investors who have come to set a mini factory in the District

05August 2022

Stakeholders Meeting Between The People of Dekpoe/Teleafenui

The District Engineer Updated the people on the current state of the Dam and it dangers it possses to the community when not used properly.

21July 2022

Ghana Let's go planting once again.

Ghana Ceremonial Tree Planting held to commence tree planting activities in the District was help on the 10th June, 2022.

11June 2022

Ghana Let's go planting once again.

Ghana Ceremonial Tree Planting held to commence tree planting activities in the District was help on the 10th June, 2022.

18May 2022

First General Assembly Meeting for 2022 of 8th Assembly.

Hon. Mike Davidson Ezuh the outgone Presiding Member was grateful for the support and cooperation he received from Members during his tenure as the Presiding Member of the Assembly. He added that, he was grateful to the Hon. District Chief Executive and the staff of the Assembly for the invaluable support extended to him as Presiding Member.

18 April 2022

Adidome Senior High School inaugurates new Board of Governors

Key stakeholders from the Regional and District level were present including the Regional and District Directors of Education and their teams as well as the District Chief Executive and Coordinating Director. There were old students as well as some selected stakeholders present.


17 March 2022

DCE Official Visit to Mafi-Kumase SHS

DCE visits and interacts with Headmaster and staff of Mafi-Kumase Senior High Technical School. Also present was the District Director of Education and her team.

06 March 2022

65th Independece Day Celebration

We had a wonderful 65th independence anniversary celebration and the display by the school children as well as cultural group was just wonderful. Those who couldn't make it really missed out.

10 February 2022

District Health Directorate holds 2021 Annual Performance review

Awarding the well performed staffs and facilities. Central Tongu District Health Directorate holds 2021 Annual Performance review of Health facilities and acknowledges as well as awards selected staff and facilities for outstanding performance.

20 January 2022

Regional Minister paid a working visit to Central Tongu

The Honourable Volta Regional Minister and his entourage paid a working visit to the Central Tongu District as part of his tour of the Volta Region.

03 December 2021

37TH FARMERS DAY Celebration

District Woman best farmer urged women to venture into agriculture.

05 October 2021

Central Tongu DCE Confirmed

Mr Moore Zonyrah, the President’s nominee as District Chief Executive (DCE) for Central Tongu has been confirmed by the Assembly members.

20 September 2021