The District Chief Executive Engaged the Okada and Drivers Union


The District Chief Executive stated that stickers were made for Okada operators but they refuse to take them. The District Chief Executive further instructed that all Okada operators should come to the Central Tongu District Assembly to pay for their stickers by 15th November, 2022. He demanded that a table should be set at the forecourt of the District Assembly Office to receive payment of sticker fees. Cost per Sticker is GH5.


The District Chief Executive advised GPRTU Cooperative and Protoa to pay fees on daily basis and not on only market days. Executives were advised to take note as the Assembly would not take it kindly on any driver that would resist. The District Chief Executive again stated that by 7th November, 2022 all transport unions are required to register their operations with the District Assembly. He requested to see all payment receipts for the year a day after the meeting for an informed decision. He further asked all owners of structures at the lorry station to produce their permit documents latest by Monday, 31st October 2022.


The GPRTU Secretary Mr. Akorli raised some challenges they are facing at the lorry station and these included:
• Regular disregard for the entrance and exit gates of the lorry station.
• Indiscriminate parking at the lorry station that need to be considered to enable proper parking.
• The driving of hearse carrying a corpse through the lorry station. This is unacceptable. He called on the District Assembly to help curb this practice. The GPRTU Sec. suggested that a station master should be appointed to help check unacceptable practices at the lorry station. The Hon. District Chief Executive tasked Bright Ahadzie to ensure the challenges as stated by the secretary were resolved. He reiterated that a barrier should be mounted from Hospital road to the lorry station to prevent the driving of hearse through the lorry station. He advised that going forward the driver unions should not allow anyone to use the lorry station for any social activity if they are unable to produce a letter from the District Assembly granting that opportunity since there has been a report that the lorry station is being use for social activities in recent times.


The District Chief Executive stated that the indiscipline acts on the part of drivers is becoming a problem in the Central Tongu District. He said Drivers are not respecting the Ghana Police and causing traffic offences. Improper loading and wrong parking at the lorry station also constitute some of the indiscipline behaviors by Drivers. He also said that Drivers are not respecting even the Central Tongu District Assembly and tasked the police to start arresting drivers who are found guilty of such acts. All persons selling at the lorry station must be sacked from such locations by the District Coordinating Director and the police.


Any driver unions that failed to pay to the Central Tongu District Assembly shall not be recognized by the District Assembly. The Hon. District Chief Executive asked to see GPRTU’s receipt by Thursday 27th October, 2022. Same applies to all the other unions. All driver unions must renew their licenses because Zoomlion is paid by the District Assembly at source before they clean the lorry station. All persons who erected a shed must receive permit. Failure to show your permit by Monday 31st October, 2022 at the Central Tongu District Assembly will call for demolition of such market shed.


The following problems were raised by the reps from the market women groups after the Hon. District Chief Executive asked them to state their challenges.
• Stagnation of water at the market after every heavy downpour.
• Insufficient market shed for marketers resulting in selling at the lorry station by some women.
• Too many tables in the market.
• Revenue officers not issuing tickets to receive funds regularly.
• The use of the market as chapel/prayer camp by some people.
• Unauthorized market sheds should be demolished according to the market queens. • Some marketers extended the market sheds beyond what was allocated to them. Owing to the shed extension the flood light is not reaching the floor. • Some persons received the market shed from the District Assembly and hired to others at higher rates. The District Chief Executive instructed that the District Engineer should visit the market and observed the gradient of the laid pavement blocks, identify the problem spots and submit a report for action to be taken. The District Finance Officer was tasked to take a comprehensive data on all the stalls and structures in the market and names of the occupants and submit to the District Chief Executive within a period of two weeks from the day of the meeting for an informed decision. Market Shed Tenancy should be checked by District Engineer/Assemblyman/District Coordinating Director so as to do reallocation as stated by the District Chief Executive. A letter should be written to marketers individually giving two ultimatum to explain to the District Assembly why the extension of the market shed.


• A warehouse should be built in the market to generate revenue. • Zoomlion Head should be questioned as there is the problem of poor rubbish evacuation from the market. (Adidome Market, Mafi Kumase Market)


The District Chief Executive propose that the lorry station at the Adidome Junction should be dissolved until further notice. He further stated that a letter should be written to the police to put a stop to their operation at the station with immediate effect until further notice. Transport Fares from GH12.00 to GH15.00 is too much. Adidome Drivers Union should review the fare downwards. The Drivers union should adhere to moderate lorry fare from Adidome to Sogakope, Ho, Mafi Kumase, Accra etc. Local Authority must approve any land located for lorry station establishment. Public Sensitization through radio announcement is required by the Central Tongu District Assembly on road usage and road guidelines to save life and property. Again, there should be radio announcement to halt the driving of ambulance carrying a corpse through the station and also curb the indiscipline at the station and the market. Regular education by the District Assembly to the okada riders to always ensure proper operation at the station.

In his closing remarks the District Chief Executive thanked the Okada Rider, The Drivers the Assembly Members present and the entire attendees for their co-operation in the success of the programme.

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