Stakeholder Engagement Meeting on Local Plan

As part of the mensures to improve the layout settlement of inhabitants of Central Tongu District, through effective participation of communities with the needed resources, provision of social services and the creation of an enabling environment for development.

This Stakeholder Engagement Meeting was organized to educate the people on how best we can handle building permit, road and Drainage issues in the District.

The District Chief Executive welcomed the people and asked for self introduction. He added that this local plan will be free of charge so all land owners in Adidome should avail themselves for their local site plan.

He added that this is the time to plan the Adidome Township and also educate the stakeholders with the plan.

A presentation was done by the physical Planning Department. Some of the things that was high lightered on were:

  • The Importance of Local Plan to the District: This plan will add additional value to the land
  • Effects of Indequate land plans: This will reduce or help eliminate conflict of boundries
  • Current situation in the District: Lack of planning schemes and citizen development are things we are all facing
  • The District Chief Executive said during the dry seasion we can all do the local plans in the Adidome Township. The Assembly is not owning the lands but rather the Assembly want to help you to plan the land. He added that the Land Owners should involve physical Planning Officers to go for sites visit of all land sold in Adidome so that it will be well plan. If Adidome township is well plan it wont create or contribute to the flooding issues we are facing in Town.

    Questions and Open Forum was given to the people.
    Soome of the questions that was asked were:
    1. What is the difference between permit attained without property rate?
    2. Why are the physical planning Officers not enforcing the payment of property rate and building permit?
    3. The Assembly should re-enforce the buildings that are not in order?
    4. The Assembly should relook at the challenges associated with obtaining permit?
    5. Can permit be obtained within one month?
    6. Why are land by the roadside have still not started developing?

    The DCE in his response to the questions said engineers will call for development plans in the Adidome Township. He added that the Assembly will be flexible in terms of building permit acquisition. Suggestions were also given to Stakeholders to inform the Assembly concerning building permit and property rate. The DCE added that proper survey will be conducted in and around Globeserve school as well as the Old Assembly for proper demarcation of land space latest by next week

    Hon. Thomas Moore Zonyrah in his closing remarks said we were all identified and called for todays meeting to help the Assembly do proper local plan . He thanked all for coming and also honouring his invitation to help development the District together. He further urged all to avail themselvesto help promote the local plans to enhance better future.

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